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No More Updates For Windows 7

Microsoft will stop providing updates for Windows 7 on January 14th 2020 so if you are using this version of Windows then you do have a few choices… do nothing and disable any future upgrades upgrade to Windows 10 (you may need to buy a

Spiderweb On Cloudflare

Well after another week of tweaking the main Spiderweb WordPress website we’ve now added it to Cloudflare to take advantage of its world wide DNS and website caching system. The overall site design has evolved quite nicely thanks to the Elementor Page Builder. We’re not

New 2020 Website Design

It’s been quite some time since our previous posting but now that we have recovered from the “big mail server transition” we finally found some time to create a new website design. It’s using the Elementor Page Builder so it’s quite easy to gradually modify

Spiderweb Through The Ages

Many thanks to Mick Dale for preserving a copy of the very first set of website pages from the beginning of Spiderweb in the late 90’s into the early 2000’s. Some of you may remember these versions of the main website as it evolved back

Server Side Junk Folder

Some folks may not be aware that there is now a server side spam filtering system that requires some “training” before it becomes really effective. If you are using POP, and seem to be missing some emails, then log into our webmail system and check

Server Transition Almost Complete

The mail server transition is mostly complete now except that quite a few users with old outgoing mailserver settings of unencrypted port 587 (and port 25) still can’t send out email. I’ve managed to talk many dozens of users through changing to outgoing mailserver port

New WordPress Website

We now provide WordPress as the default web interface so for the last year we are a WordPress hosting provider rather than a generic website provider. Most customers want WordPress anyway so we just install it by default. Our customers don’t even have to use

Transition Announcement

Spiderweb is in the process of transitioning to a new cloud based server and billing system over the next few months. The new industry standard billing system will introduce some changes to the way we interact with you via email. The new domain is called