Privacy Policy

Our Comminment To Our Clients

Spiderweb is committed to providing you, our valued customer with the highest standard of customer service possible. We understand that privacy of personal information is a concern for the majority of our customers, and we address this concern seriously. After the 21st December 2001, new provisions to the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 came into effect. The new provisions set out a number of principles that relate specifically to the protection of your personal information. This document outlines important information concerning the privacy of our customers' personal information, we recommend you read the document carefully and check the Spiderweb website regularly for updates.

The Sort Of Information Spiderweb Collects

Spiderweb only collects personal information that is necessary for it to perform one or more of its functions or activities. Your personal information may include:

If you wish to pay for your accounts and/or services via a credit card or direct debit facility, Spiderweb may need to collect your credit card or direct debit details. These details may include:

How Spiderweb Collects The Information

There are a number of ways that Spiderweb collects personal information, these include:

How Spiderweb Uses The Information It Collects

Spiderweb may use your personal information in a number of ways; this includes, but is not limited to:

Disclosure Of Personal Information

Spiderweb does not sell, rent or trade your personal information to any third parties. As outlined in the aforementioned How Spiderweb collects the information, Spiderweb may disclose your personal information to specific third parties. When such disclosures are made, the parties to which we disclose your personal information are required to comply with all relevant laws including the Privacy Act 1988. Some of the organisations we may disclose information to:

Security Of Personal Information

Spiderweb takes the security of your personal information seriously and will take all reasonable precautions to ensure that all data collected is accurate and up-to-date, and stored in a secure environment where only authorised persons can access the data. Spiderweb cannot guarantee the security of any transmission via the Internet and as such can't be held responsible for any unauthorised access of your personal information delivered to you, or received from you via the Internet.

Access To Your Personal Information

By law you have the right to see or obtain a copy of your personal information as held by Spiderweb. Spiderweb will handle any request for personal information in accordance with the National Privacy Principles. There may be certain circumstances in which Spiderweb may refuse to give you access to your personal information, these circumstances include:

Correcting And Updating Your Personal Information

Spiderweb takes all reasonable steps to ensure that your personal information is complete, accurate, and up-to-date, in addition to being consistent across the services that you may have with Spiderweb. We require you to keep Spiderweb up-to-date on any changes to your personal information. To assist us in maintaining accurate personal information, we ask that you:

If you believe that Spiderweb holds inaccurate or out-of-date personal information about you, then please contact Spiderweb immediately in order to update your details. Contact details for Spiderweb are listed below.


Additional Information About Privacy

Additional information about the Privacy Act 1988 and the National Privacy Principles (NPP) can be found at the Australian Federal Privacy Commissioner's website at: