Email Settings

Email Username
Incoming Mail Server
Outgoing Mail Server
Incoming POP3 Server Port 995 with SSL
Incoming IMAP Server Port 993 with SSL
Outgoing SMTP Server Port 465 with SSL
Note: Certain Apple devices don't accept Port 465, use instead Port 587 with SSL
Authentication (Mandatory) Full email address and password (PLAIN or LOGIN)


POP3 is the simple Post Office Protocol to download messages from a mail server to a clients email program and is useful in checking emails from a single computer in a specific location.


IMAP is the Internet Messaging Access Protocol and is a more sophisticated method to access mail with multiple folders on the mail server. It is the preferred option if you need to check your emails from multiple locations, such as at work, home, mobile phone, tablet, etc.


SMTP is the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol used to deliver email from a client email program to an ISPs mail server and between various mail servers on the internet to its destination.

IMPORTANT: Email stored on the mail server is not normally available to the user if the computer or device is not first connected to the internet.