## Problems? Try This First ### Simple Tip: `Reboot`! If you contact technical support, in many cases we will suggest restarting the computer before we move on to other possible solutions. When your computer misbehaves, a simple restart may be all that is necessary to set things right. Of course, rebooting may only be a temporary fix; if the same problem keeps occurring, then you will need to track down the underlying cause. Glitches that occur during normal operating can mean that important support files or programs that run in the background can be closed or corrupted. Conversely, remnants of improperly terminated programs may run unnoticed, wreaking havoc as they go. Such problems can mean that your software and hardware may not work as expected. By shutting down and restarting the computer, you are effectively starting afresh. During the reboot, files, services and programs are properly closed. Fresh new copies of the files needed to run your operating system and support your hardware are then loaded from the computer's hard drive during start-up. Once the restart is complete you will often find that the original problem has disappeared. Here are just a few of the problems that can be "fixed" by rebooting: - Dial-up connection problems, e.g. unable to connect (external modem power off / on also required) - ADSL connection lost (modem or router power off / on also necessary to resolve this) - Computer suddenly very slow to respond - Program "frozen" at splash screen - Program refused to load Naturally, rebooting will not solve all the computer problems that you are likely to encounter. However, in many instances, it is a very useful first step and may ultimately save you a lot of frustration and lost productivity.