Common Windows Errors

And Some Possible Solutions For Dialup Users

The National dial-up number for Spiderweb is 0198 333 909

Error 691 - Username or Password invalid

Although you may never had to type the password to connect previously, on many occasions the password is sometimes removed as a result of installing an update from Microsoft, so never assume that because it was there before that it should still be there. Things to check:

If you have forgotten your password, you can call the the Support number 1300 55 45 67 to check. For security purposes, please be prepared to answer questions about your Spiderweb account; in certain circumstances, we may need to phone you back.

Error 650 - server not responding

This is a common error that occurs when your computer cannot establish a connection. Sometimes the computer or modem is left in a state which prevents re-connection until the computer is re-booted (re-started).

How to Re-Boot Your Computer and Modem:

Error 678 - no answer

This can be caused by:

If the error seems to come up after just a short time, you need to Check the modem's timeout settings. The problem might be with your modem or the modem driver (software that controls it), try the following - attempt to re-connect after each test:

To determine whether there is a problem with your phone line, follow the instructions given in the answer to Question 1 in the FAQs.