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Customer Testimonials

I would just like to send many thanks for talking me through the set up on my new laptop. Where else could you find such a personal service, I have been with Spiderweb for over 10 years and has always been the same person to person format. John R.

Thanks for all the top service over the years and for still being there for us! I'd be lost if I had to use one of those mega impersonal companies! Best regards, Naida

I have friends with the big guys like Telstra and Optus and they seem to have such a hassle to make simple changes like this. Wouldn't be without you guys. I appreciate the personal service and ease of making changes. Many thanks, Warwick

I am very happy with the service and support I receive both at home and our club, and think this is worth every cent I pay. Jean

Thanks so much for your help this morning...thats why I stay with Spiderweb!! Regards, Margaret

Exactly what I want! Many thanks for doing this so quickly. Cheers - Trevor

Thanks very much for the detailed reply on this problem. As someone who has been involved in implementing many systems over the years, I appreciate your efforts. Many thanks, Graham